The following is a partial list of the benefits SCAN can provide in an aviation environment:

NAVIGATION               SURVEILLANCE              COMMUNICATIONS                    

True North navigation          Display of air traffic           High-speed digital communications
Heading "up" display           Display of ground traffic        Alternative voice/data communications
Display of traffic             Display of marine traffic        Digital voice communications
Full free flight capability    Display of all airports          Target Comm frequency-in-use
Earth-grid referencing         Display of all VORs, NDBs, etc.  Automated flight status/manifest rept
Moving map display             Display of obstructions          Automated depart/approach scheduling
Detailed airport maps                                           Automated flight plan filing/changing
Detailed routing graphics      Traffic Information:             Automated clearance           
GPS precision                    "N" numbers                    Automated routine depart advisories
DGPS error correction            Craft "type" information       Automated approach advisories
Heading                          Flight-plan waypoints          Automated guidance advisories
Ground speed                     Flight status reports          Automated enroute advisory service
Fuel flow management             1 meter relative separation    Automated routine tower services
Automated gate/taxi sequencing   Headings                       Automated ATIS service
Projected route track            Altitudes                      Uncontrolled airport advisory service
True and Magnetic North tracking 3-D velocity                   Automated NOTAMS
Track error                      True ground speed              Automated PIREPS
Estimated time enroute           Heading and velocity vectors   Automated SIGMETS
Estimated time of arrival        Collision warnings             Automated surface weather alerts
Night/limited visibility nav     Proximity warnings             Target precision figure-of-merit values
CAT III IFR capability           In-trail climb/descent utility Discreet pilot-pilot communications
Composite weather map plotting   Emergency alert                Global posting pilot-pilot messages
Proximity Warning                Emergency response             Global pilot-pilot messages
Collision avoidance              Other discreet or global msgs  Discreet pilot-ground communications
Runway incursion prevention                                     Global posting pilot-ground messages
3-D navigation                 Airport Information:             Resolution of trans-oceanic spacing
Real-time 4-D navigation         Wind direction                 Trans-oceanic emergency service
Restricted area warning          Wind speed                     TCAS IV target acquisition
Military operational area alert  Temperature                    
Outstanding landmarks            Dew point                      Emergency Message Service:
Obstructions                     Barometric pressure            Instantaneous Emergency alert/fix
Minimum safe altitudes           Current runway in use             
Point-to-point navigation        Traffic pattern altitude       Aircraft Origin:
Terrain mapping                  Airport advisory information     Fire
Complete data-base info services Airport services available       Fuel
Software convenience features                                     Engine
Long-range area navigation     Meteorology, Environmental Aids:   Frame
Automated flight data recording  Satellite photographss           Electrical
Play-back of flight data         Infra-red photographs            Weather
Black-box capability for GA      Cold fronts                      Illness
Old data flagging, auto record   Isobar charts         
Flexible data-base inputs        Short-range regional forecast  ATC Response:
In-flight navigation data repts  Long-range regional forecasts    Airport, FAA Security/CAP Rescue
                                 En-route forecasts               Fire Equipment
Future Enhancements:             Current en-route weather         Ambulance
Head-up display                  Weather radar                    Airport Maintenance
3-D head-up perspective display  Stormscope data                  Weather advisory service
3-D wind/temp/dew-point charts   Wide-area Doppler radar          Aircraft Maintenance 
Digital voice SCAN communications    Local Doppler radar          Fuel 
Global satellite ATC linkage     Wind aloft charts               
Precision navigation worldwide   Aircraft attitude indicator    Future Enhancements:
Global elimination of SA error   Depth enhancement              3-D Tornado, hurricane, micro-burst
Interface marine/ground traffic  Geographic mapping               wake turbulance tracking
Zero visibility operations       3-D meteorological mapping     Global satellite communications