L. REX ANDERSEN:   Secretary, CPA (Finance) (Private pilot)
B.S. and Graduate School, (Accounting, Economics & Law), University of Utah, 1953

Rex has been a practicing Certified Public Accountant for over 30 years. A principal partner in the accounting firm of Andersen, Andersen and Strong, Mr. Andersen's specialty is tax accounting.  He is also active in computer system design for accounting.

A member of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and The Utah association of Certified Public Accountants, Mr. Andersen Rex has been active in a variety of businesses including commercial and residential real estate development and aircraft rebuilding. He also holds Commercial, Instrument and Multi-engine Pilot ratings and has over 1400 hours of flight time. For four years, Rex served actively as a Medical Technician in the Emergency Medical Division of Utah's Civil Air Patrol.