EDWARD J. FRAUGHTON:   Chairman, President, CEO (Private pilot)
B.F.A., engineering studies and Graduate School, University of Utah 1962.

Originator of the SCAN system concept and patent development, Ed has guided TERRASTARR through its initial inception and subsequent operations. Ed is primarily known as as a sculptor of national and international stature. As an artist in the classical tradition, he has successfully managed art production and bronze casting businesses for over 35 years. Creator of the Ronald Reagan’s official Presidential Inaugural Medal in 1980, Ed has placed a number of important monuments across America, including the 15 foot "Spirit of Wyoming" monument at the state capitol building in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the 12 foot high "Mormon Battalion" monument in San Diego, California. From 1982 to 1988, Ed served as a panelist on Ronald Reagan's President's Commission on White House Fellows. In 1991, following the destruction of the Berlin Wall, an act which symbolized the ending of World Communism, Ed served as a delegate to a joint U.S./Soviet Moscow Conference on Law and Bilateral Economic Development.

In the field of aviation, Ed has contributed greatly to the invention and advancement of ADS-B and Free Fight, a concept for which he holds primary patents. In 1994, he demonstrated under FAA contract his SCAN technology as a solution to collision avoidance and runway incursion prevention. Since 1991, Ed has served on various RTCA ADS and ADS-B committees. In 1990, Mr. Fraughton co-authored a paper with Leonard Wojcik, "A Loran-Based Collision Avoidance System," and in 1993, he contributed his own paper "Loran/GNSS, A Cooperative Solution to Runway Incursions." Both papers were presented at annual International Loran Association (ILA) Loran/GPS manufacturer/user conferences. Ed is also a private pilot with over 600 hours.