DEWEY GERRARD:    Former Chief Pilot and Technical Administrator, Delta Airlines
BS Utah State University, Aeronautical Science

Dewey's entire career has been devoted to aviation. He has served as a military pilot, commercial pilot, private pilot, and for over 30 years, has been a powerful advocate, and administrator, over advancing aviation safety. Dewey has held the positions of Senior Safety Officer for Delta Airlines and Vice President-System Manager of Flight Safety and Chief Pilot for Western Airlines. He was deeply involved in the corporate merger between Western and Delta. Having served as the former Director of Flight Safety Incorporated, a private corporation, Dewey currently occupies a seat on the Board of Advisors for Embry Riddle University. He is also Chairman of the Industry Advisor Committee-Aerospace Technology, Utah State University College of Engineering.

Dewey Gerrard's name is held in highest respect among corporate executives, airline pilots, private pilots and various FAA and government circles.  His contributions to air safety through is long career, as well as his service to RTCA and other organizations vested in the promotiion of air safety, has been nothing less than outstanding.