LOGO Self Portrait 

by Edward J. Fraughton

Value: $15,000 (Secondary Market)
Status: Sold Out
Size: 23 inches high
Media: Cast Bronze 
. . . One Nation . . . represents a Civil War Soldier during the dark days of the War between what was before known as the "United States of America."

Unfortunately, since man's beginning, war has been an inevitable universal event. Battles have been won or lost, not by nations as one might suppose, but by individuals, individuals collectively acting as one nation. When duty demands the ultimate sacrifice of the individual, then should it not follow: it is the individual who should never be forgotton?

This was a collection of battles where brother was forced to face and fight against brother, family, friends. It was an event caught up in a national political expression where, no matter what the outcome, every citizen suffered some great personal loss. Fotunately, out the rubble came hope, and purpose, for us forever to truly have the opportunity to be remembered as . . . ONE NATION . . . with liberty and justice for all.  

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