LOGO Self Portrait 

by Edward J. Fraughton

Price: $1,850
Status: Available
Size: 11.75 inches high
Series: OPEN
Media: Cast Bronze 
This is a departure in style from much of my previous work. Soft long lines and planes are intended to evoke sympathy and respect toward the universal Indian concept which describes life in this simple way:

"We come from Mother Earth,
She teaches us how to live,
And then... after a time,
We return to her womb."

Much of what we hold to be sacred, is really quite simple. Earth Song is portrayed as an extension of her surroundings. She grows out of the simple rock forms that surround her. In dignity and reverence she stands. No other detail other than that of her face and hair attract critical attention. The rest of the composition is meant to be secondary in importance but complementary to the whole.

A companion piece, the "Legend Keeper" was modeled to complement Earth Song. The Legend Keeper could be an aged father, or grandfather, watching over his daughter or grandchild at her time of maturity. It could be that he is as much a keeper of the dowry as the legends. These two pieces were meant to be reasonably priced so they could be purchased and collected separately or as a pair.

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