LOGO Self Portrait 

by Edward J. Fraughton

Price: $3,000
Status: Available
Size: 16.25 inches high
Series: 50
Media: Cast Bronze 

The bald eagle is America's National Emblem. In this depiction, the eagle stand and looks eye to eye at the viewer. Man's ideas are somehow elevated when he merely thinks of eagles. Anyone who has watched the eagle in flight marvels at the slow, steady majestic tempo of his wings as he pumps and pumps and pumps to gain altitude. Just for a fish or mouse, the eagle appears to climb to endless heights before folding in his wings for the long dive to his prey. He is so sure and steady and under complete control on the descent that he rarely misses his target. Surely, it must take all the energy from this catch to regain such altitude.

According to Indian thought, the eagle is the communicator between man and the heavens. His eyes see beyond the clouds and into the heavens. One who is talented can call the eagle out of the sky, and through him, speak with God.

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