LOGO Self Portrait 

by Edward J. Fraughton

Price: $8,000
Status: Available
Size: 23 inches high
Series: 30
Media: Cast Bronze 
The Iron Lady is the nickname used to describe one of the most powerful leaders of the Free World during the 20th Century. Like Prime Minister Winston Churchill who preceded her several decades before, Margaret Thatcher had traits of leadership that are important and rare. She was a visionary, outspoken leader of uncompromising principle with an unerring sense of "right" and "wrong." When she took office, Labor influences had reached the point nearly bankrupting the nation. Taxes were high and reform was needed. War in the Falkland's, a group of Islands deep in the southern Pacific hemisphere, threatened the nation's security.

Lady Thatcher was a great friend of the United States. In full partnership with her close friend, President Ronald Reagan, Vice President and later, President George Bush, she was a tremendous aid and support to the United States during their most critical periods of their presidencies. During this time, American and British hostages were held abroad, terrorists threatened the world at large and wars were erupting in the Mid-East. Largely, through the cooperative relationship of the United States and Great Britain, Communism was finally brought to an end. And when the Berlin Wall first came down, and the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) still existed, It was my pleasure in 1991 to be asked to serve as a delegate to the Moscow Conference on Law and Bilateral Economic Development in behalf of the Free World and the Soviet Union.

When Lady Thatcher was invited to Utah to highlight a trade conference between Great Britain and the Utah, I was commissioned to create her portrait in Bronze. It was presented to her as a gift from the people of Utah. To my great surprise and delight, she expressed extreme pleasure at the quality of the work.

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