LOGO Self Portrait 

(18" Scale Model of Monument)
by Edward J. Fraughton

Price: $7,000 (Scale model for the monument)
Status: Available
Size: 23.5 inches high
Series: 50
Media: Cast Bronze 
The Mormon Battalion Soldier was my first monumental commission. Commissioned by the Sons of Utah Pioneers and descendants of the original Mormon Battalion, the work was created in 1968 and placed and dedicated in 1969 as a donation to the City of San Diego to help celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the city's founding.

The Mormon Battalion was recorded as the longest infantry march in U.S. History, a journey of some 2000 miles. The Battalion was instrumental in asserting the boarder between Mexico and the United States by cutting roads and digging wells to establish the first southern overland trail to the West Coast. Upon their release from the army, many Battalion members worked to help with the further development of the San Diego community. Others traveled north to San Francisco and Sacramento to earn enough money to buy seed and livestock in preparation for their journey to rejoin their families who had now settled in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake. While there, some were excavating a mill race for John Sutter and were instrumental in the discovery of gold in 1848-49.

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