LOGO Self Portrait 

by Edward J. Fraughton

Price: $9,000 (secondary market only)
Status: Sold Out
Size: 9.75 inches high
Media: Cast Bronze 
Partners represents man's desire to find true independence and freedom through his own genius. This willingness to grovel in the dirt, for whatever treasures the earth might yield, is demeaning, yet noble and universal. Partners was my first creation made in a collector size edition. It marks the beginning of my professional career.

The opportunity came in 1968, when an old Park City friend and self-made mining engineer, Tom Costas, commissioned me to make "something special" for him. As a boy, I had delivered the weekly Park Record to Tom's home. Every week, Tom invited me into the kitchen, and in the winter, threw a little more coal into the stove. He thawed me out by bringing me a chair, sitting me down, and putting my feet up on the oven door. At the same time, he would call out: "Vinnie! Come in here. Make Eddie a cup of hot chocolate and as soon as he quits shivering, he says he'll sing us a song." Tom always paid me 10 cents instead of the official 5 cent price for the Record. Every year during the years of my childhood, Tom sent me the most beautiful Christmas card I had ever seen. The 3 cent stamp was also the most beautiful I had seen. But, the most elegant part of all, the part that touched me beyond any young boy's sense of awe and wonderment was Tom's supurb penmanship. The address began: "Master Edward J. Fraughton...

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