LOGO Self Portrait 

by Edward J. Fraughton

Price: $10,000
Status: Available
Size: 27 inches high
Series: 50
Media: Cast Bronze 
As a young married woman of the prairie tends her children and household duties, she must always be attentive of danger. A distant puff of smoke or cloud of dust sends a signal. What does it mean? Is it fire? A stranger or group of strangers? Indians? Buffalo, or cattle? Is it a stampede coming to take away her garden or locusts moving in to devour the crops. Or, is it simply errant phenomena of nature, or perhaps her husband finally on his way home? Without his companionship, all she has to protect her home and family is a dated Civil War carbine.

As she holds her youngest, freshly bathed child in a towel and informs her son gathering fresh vegetables from the garden, he grabs a stone and clings to her apron. This woman represents mature womanhood, motherhood. Equal in every way to a man, it was the prairie woman who was a true hero, raising, educating, caring for her family and carrying the responsibility for the nation's future on her shoulders. While the man looked after providing his family with the most basic physical needs such as food, shelter and clothing, it was the woman who supported that effort and made everything work out. That was certainly the case in my family.

This effort depicts the woman in much the same way that Daniel Chester French depicted the Minuteman for Concord, Massachusetts.

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