LOGO Self Portrait 

by Edward J. Fraughton

Price: $5,000
Status: Available
Size: 11 inches high
Series: 50
Media: Cast Bronze 
The Vaquero represents the Spanish, or California cowboy. From the time of the earliest Spanish Catholic mission in San Diego, California was considered a rich country for raising cattle. Commerce with the East was difficult, so commercial independence was vital.

When we think of the Vaquero, our thoughts are different from the way we picture the traditional American cowboy. Most often, he was of Spanish or mixed Central American native blood: the Indian features were dominent. Dark hair, brown leathery features, wide foreheads, high cheekbones and thin mustaches and beards describe his look. His clothes reflected the best parts of the Indian culture, particularly the saddle, serape and decorative buttons. The Vaquero's methods for dealing with cattle were also different.

It is my understanding that because of the tremendous importance of the Vaquero and the cattle industry in California, there still exists a state law on its books that calls for an annual statewide roundup for the purpose of sorting and branding of cattle left on the range during each winter season. This piece is simple an action study of my own imagination which I thoroughly enjoyed creating.

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